Top 20 Skills to put on resume: Make Yourself Stand Out

Crafting an effective resume can significantly enhance your chances of progressing to the interview stage during the demanding job search phase. It’s crucial to incorporate relevant proficiencies within your CV that accentuate not only your worth but also your promise, allowing you to truly capture the interest of recruitment personnel. This article encompasses the fundamental 20 skills vital for creating an exceptional resume. These skills encompass a broad range of both technical and interpersonal abilities and can greatly contribute to making your CV stand out.

top 20 skills to add in resume

Top 20 Skills to put on resume: Make Yourself Stand Out

A blend of technical mastery and empathetic skill is needed to create a résumé that stands out. The top 20 skills that might really stand out on your CV are as follows:

1.Communication Skills

Effective communication is the key to any endeavor’s success, hence it is important to have good communication skills. Employers highly emphasise the ability for candidates to clearly express their ideas, whether in writing or speaking. You may stand out right away from the competition with a strong cover letter and succinct CV.

2. Ability to Solve Problems

Your capacity for critical and creative thought is demonstrated by your ability to solve problems. People who can overcome obstacles and come up with novel solutions are in high demand among employers. One way to demonstrate your ability to solve problems is to point out particular situations when you have succeeded.

3. Leadership Skills

Leadership isn’t just about managing teams; it’s also about motivating others, assuming responsibility, and taking decisive action. Demonstrating

4.Time management

Being able to successfully manage your time demonstrates your efficiency and organisation. Including time-sensitive assignments that you’ve finished effectively helps demonstrate your time management abilities.


Adaptability is essential in the quickly changing workplace of today. To demonstrate your adaptability, emphasise times when you have accepted change, acquired new skills, or succeeded in challenging environments.

6.Technological competence

Depending on your industry, technological expertise can make all the difference. Showcasing technological skills on your resume can make it look more impressive right away, whether it’s coding, data analysis, graphic design, or software knowledge.

7. Data analysis

Decision-making that is informed by data is highly regarded in many sectors. Make sure to mention it on your resume if you are familiar with data analysis tools and have experience getting insights from data.

8. Project management

Employers value applicants who can see a project through from start to finish in terms of project management. Explicitly describing your project management accomplishments and experiences might show that you know how to complete jobs quickly.

9. Creative thinking

Creative thinking distinguishes you and demonstrates your capacity to approach issues from unusual perspectives. Be sure to mention any original ideas or inventive solutions that you have provided.

10. Team spirit

The capacity to function well in a team is vital. Instances where you and your coworkers worked together to accomplish a common goal should be highlighted.

11. Presentation skills

Strong presentation skills show off your capacity to captivate audiences and accurately communicate information. Make sure to mention any powerful presentations you’ve given on your resume.

12. Negotiation skills

: Whether you’re negotiating a deal or working with team members, negotiation skills are crucial. Using examples of negotiations you’ve won helps show off your interpersonal skill.

13.Critical Thinking

Critical thinking entails scenario analysis, problem identification, and deliberative decision-making. Emphasising instances where your critical thinking produced advantageous results will dazzle prospective employers.

14. Customer/Client Handling

Customer service abilities are important, even if your job doesn’t directly entail dealing with customers. They demonstrate your capacity for professionalism, empathy, and attention to detail.

15.Foreign Language Proficiency

Being able to speak another language is a huge advantage in today’s globalised society. It’s important to include any language skills you may have, especially if they are relevant to the position.

16. Networking:

The ability to network is crucial for career advancement. Share how your networking activities have impacted your career if you’ve made new contacts in the business world or if you’ve widened your network.

17. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence entails being able to recognise and control your own emotions as well as those of others. Employers may be impressed if you give examples of how your emotional intelligence has improved interactions.

18. Problem Solving

The ability to manage conflicts and come to agreements is a crucial talent. Your capacity to keep a productive workplace peaceful can be demonstrated by sharing instances where disagreements were successfully resolved.

19.Sales and Marketing Skills:

Even if you are not in a sales position, possessing some basic sales and marketing abilities might be helpful. It demonstrates your capacity for successful concept promotion and value communication.

20. Research Techniques:

Effective information gathering, data analysis, and decision-making require research techniques. Mention on your CV any extensive research you’ve done for projects.

Mentioning situations when you have worked with teams or delivered information in a clear manner also showcases your communication skills.

Describe times when you effectively overcame new obstacles, picked up new abilities, or adjusted to changes in the workplace to show that you are adaptable.

Your capacity for initiative, team management, and decision-making is demonstrated through your leadership skills. They draw attention to your potential to support the expansion and development of the company.

You can demonstrate technical expertise by mentioning relevant skills and technologies that you are familiar with. Mention initiatives where you used these skills to generate positive results, if appropriate.

Foreign language proficiency could prove valuable in a global work environment. It indicates your ability to communicate with a wider range of clients, colleagues, or partners.

Highlighting situations when you have successfully regulated emotions can demonstrate your interpersonal skills.

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Creating an amazing résumé requires  combination of technical expertise and interpersonal knowledge. You can promote yourself as a well-rounded applicant who is ready to flourish in any work environment by embracing the top 20 must-have abilities. Keep in mind that each skill you exhibit adds to your unique value proposition, propelling you confidently towards success


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